The Story

The Story of Vero Beach Hotel & Spa

At Kimpton Hotels, "every hotel tells a story." The story at Vero Beach Hotel & Spa is one of "discovery." Perhaps it's a writer finding his voice in the inspirational refuge of a poolside cabana. A company determining its future vision during a strategy session in the boardroom. A couple rekindling the romance of their relationship. Named for the Spanish word for "true" or "real," Vero Beach Hotel & Spa provides the setting for such discovery.

Travel offers an obvious form of discovery when exploring a new place. Travel offers another important and sometimes more profound form of discovery, that of the self. To see ourselves more clearly, occasionally we need to escape from the expected routine of our day. Holding ourselves up to a different backdrop, we can see things in contract. Vero Beach Hotel & Spa is just such a backdrop—a beautiful 113-room oceanfront hideaway to breathe, relax, play and discover.

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